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Transportation is the metal backbone of the supply chain world. We, at Marinetrans, provide state-of-the-art supply chain and transportation services.Logistics is one of the key drivers for revenue generation for all industries, small and big. For all such customers worldwide, Marinetrans offers top notch freight forwarding, cargo handling and warehousing solutions.


Provide fast and secure 24 hour service around the globe while keeping your consignments and our staff safe. Innovation led quality improvement. Leading with example when it comes to inculcating a sense of trust and reliability in our customers. Emerging as the top logistics solutions provider globally.


is to impact supply chain dynamics to minimize costs and maximize solutions. With our mission, we aim to emerge as the one-stop logistics solution for the top leaders in their respective industries.


  • 24 hour fast and secure service
  • Transparent Documentation
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Expert staff handling cargo
  • Competitive Prices
  • Internationally acclaimed transport and freight services
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Who We Are

Marinetrans has developed a compact range of services equipped to handle all logistics and transportation needs comprising of Air, Ocean and Land transportation. Our team is devoted to providing your company with secure and speedy service round the clock. We aim at cutting your losses to the bare minimum. Why? Because at Marinetrans, we believe that your losses are our losses.

We analyze customer needs and cargo characteristics to create optimal solutions for your cargo storage and transportation. Thanks to our close cooperation with sea/road/rail lines, ports around the world, and reliable staff, we offer a flexible pricing policy and consistently high-quality and on time transport services. With Marinetrans, logistics is no longer a pain point!


Logistics leaders from all over the country have come together to build Marinetrans. The best of sophisticated minds are constantly brainstorming to come up with independent ideologies ensuring unique solutions and nothing but the best of quality services. Our team is devoted to breaking down the complicated supply chain framework to curate simplified and secure logistics solutions for your company.

Once you choose us, all your logistics headache is ours while our team ensures that you always get the better end of the deal. Stand out with Marinetrans. And let our team be your cheerleaders!